Katja Grillner, Arkitekt, Tekn.Dr


Katja Grillner is an architect, writer and scholar. She received her professional diploma in Architecture in 1995, and her PhD in 2000, both from the KTH School of Architecture in Stockholm, Sweden. She also holds an M.Arch. degree from the Theory and History of Architecture program at McGill University, Canada. 

This website presents examples from my current research and writing practice










Collaborative projects and networks

Architecture and its Mythologies
with Tim Anstey and Rolf Hughes, KTH

AKAD - Akademin för Konstnärlig Forskning insom Arkitektur och Design 
with the KTH, LTH, CTH Schools of Architecture

Spatial Imagination in Design
Research Cluster based at the Bartlett School of Architecture, London


On-going projects

Writing the Landscape garden

Writing Architecture Out of Focus

Nature only is the proper school for it

Writing Architecture Project (in AKAD)



Completed projects

Memory Implants (Arkipelag 1998)

Ramble, linger and Gaze (PhD-diss 2000)

Just White




Essays and articles

Kritik och förströelse (Vi befinner oss i Hagaparken, Stpockholm)

Utopia in Reverse

Närgångna betraktelser